Monday, October 8, 2012

Maybelline - Boho Gold

Hello everybody! I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving / Columbus Day long weekend! I am, even though today is rainy and gross.  I just did my nails (not with Boho Gold, that was Saturday's mani), and now I'm watching Easy A and assembling nail polish bottles in preparation for my little holiday creations.  All I need is my glitter to arrive in the mail!

So, here's Boho Gold, one of the new Maybelline Color Show limited edition polishes that I finally managed to get my pretty, polished paws on.  It's an almost dupe of Chanel's Peridot, so I hear, and I love it! It's such a pretty duochrome polish.  Of course, I didn't wait for each coat to fully dry before I applied the next, so it bubbled a little.  It still looked decent, though.

I used three coats of Boho Gold to achieve full opacity, but you could get away with two.

Happy Thanksgiving (or Columbus Day in the US) everybody! Now, on to the photos:

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