Friday, July 13, 2012

butter freakin' LONDON.

Yes, I did purposely lowercase the entirety of the first word, as that's how the brand name is spelled. XD

I purchased my first two butter LONDON nail polishes yesterday, and I'm already in love.  The lady at the store (the only store that sells it around here...because of her obsession!) told me that it's pretty fabulous and she loves it.  I've already read a lot of good words about it around here, so that only added to my desire to buy some; therefore, I bought two!  And, it's totally awesome that they're selling them for regular price (17.00).  Most little stores jack up their prices to make a profit. :O

I purchased:

  • Henley Regatta; and
  • Wallis
I also really, really, really want The Black Knight.  That color is so prettyful.

This one's Wallis, and it applied like a dream.  It also dried pretty fast, despite the coats I used.  I started with two coats of Sally Hansen's gel base.  You're only supposed to use one, but ehh.  Then I put on two coats of Wallis, even though it's opaque in just one.  I screwed up a couple of nails because I had to eat, so then I touched them up with another coat or two.  My nails are quite thick at the moment.

Some of these photos were taken with flash, others without.  Pardon the craptastic quality of my poor little Canon.

The last one is a picture of Henley Regatta.  I can't wait to use that one! Maybe this weekend I will invest in some more China Glaze Summer Neons and Essence polishes as well.  I'd love to get my hands on a few more of those!

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