Thursday, July 26, 2012

My first indie polishes arrived in the mail!

I don't know what I was more excited to share with the world:  my first frankens, or a mani using my first indie polishes.

A while back I mentioned ordering from Glitrix and Dandy Nails.  Well, on Monday, Funhouse by Dandy Nails (along with Sandy's cute business card!) came in the mail, so I had to use it immediately.  SUCH an awesome polish.  It was too bad that I messed up my manicure, haha.  I do, however, have photos nonetheless!

I layered Funhouse over China Glaze's Hang Ten-toes and it looked pretty freakin' awesome!  I really need to create a contraption to help me take good pictures.  My camera does not do this bright mani justice.

I received the Glitrix polish on Tuesday, so you'll see a swatch of that one sometime in the near future.