Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nothing Mousie 'bout it, but black is back.

Today's mani consists of Nothing Mousie 'bout it (shown in the last post) from OPI's Minnie Mouse collection, and Black is Back from Essence.  The OPI polish has little pink hearts in it, but you can barely tell from the photo in the last post.  I also had to big-time fish for the hearts.  I'm still in love with the polish, though! With or without the hearts, it's sooooo cute! <3

The Essence polish was a bit weird to apply.  It went on fine, but if you didn't do it perfectly, it kind of got a little clumpy. Of course, I fixed it by applying another coat.  I used two coats, but it was definitely opaque in just one.  When that was dry, I topped it off with two coats of Nothin' Mousie 'bout it.  The end result looked like a dark purple fine glitter polish.

Here's a few pictures of just the black polish.  Please ignore how messy it looks! I fail at applying black polish. D:

Now, here's some pictures of the black with the pink glitter on top:

I really wish my camera could capture the true look of this manicure.  It's really so purple-y and gorgeous.  I love it.  I love how Nothin' Mousie 'bout it applied as well.  I would definitely recommend that polish, even if you do have to fish for the glitter hearts.

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