Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend fun! + Another Blue Manicure

I had a pretty good weekend, hence the lack of blog updates.  I went out of town with family.  We went to the beach and then stayed at a hotel in a town a couple of hours away where my mother used to live.  We ended up eating at Don Cherry's restaurant and then going to a local bar for a beer.  I wanted to visit the famous "Jack's".  (It's not called that now, but everyone calls it that anyway. xD)

Don Cherry's has this AWESOME drink called the Electric Popsicle (as seen below).  It's sooooo good! The last time I had it I had a green popsicle; this time I got pink! I had to take a picture.  The beer wasn't mine, but Electric Popsicle wanted a friend. ;) 

Anyway, onto the nail polish!  I bought more. (of course!)  Yesterday I bought these for a dollar-something each at Walmart.  I actually really like these polishes! They're awesome, and an awesome price.

(L-R:  Sturdy Sapphire, Teal Steel, and Ice Queen)

I bought these on Friday; also at Walmart.  I've been meaning to try these Maybelline The Color Show nail polishes but haven't gotten around to it.  So...I bought a few.  Plus, I saw swatches of Wine & Dined on somebody's blog (I forget who; if I remembered, I'd post a link or something) and loved it!

(L-R:    Styled Out, Wine & Dined, and Amethyst Ablaze)

Obviously, with new nail polish comes a fresh mani.  I decided to try out Sturdy Sapphire.  Now, I will mention that this polish is quite sheer.  This is three coats:

I like it, though.  It applied smoothly and it didn't leave a million brush strokes.  It's really shiny and pretty and bright, despite the fact that it doesn't seem like a bright color! And, did I mention the price of these Hard as Nails polishes? You can't go wrong.

After those three coats I decided to add some glitter, so I used Ice Queen.  Ice Queen has light purple and bright blue hex glitter and fine silver glitter.  It looks really awesome paired with Sturdy Sapphire.  I had to do some fishing for the bigger chunks of glitter and I used two coats.  It's a very pretty glitter polish.

 Of course, I wasn't finished yet.  After the glitter, I then decided that "hey, since this blue polish is very sheer, why not try a glitter sandwich.  This is what it looked like: Not THAT much of a difference, as you can tell.  The first photo was taken with flash.

Last but certainly not least, I've decided to share my favorite cuticle cream with you all.  It's called "Nail Butter" by TVAL.  TVAL is a local store that sells 'homemade' beauty products.  They make the products IN the store! It's a pretty cool place.  They even sell cupcake shaped soap.  :D

Ever since I've started using TVAL nail butter, I've noticed my cuticles haven't been so dry and flaky.  Not so many "hang nails" either.  I like this stuff.  It works for me! It also comes in several different scents, or unscented.

HERE is the TVAL website.  You can order online and it ships internationally!


  1. gorgeous mani! i love that glitter myself! and although i'm underage that electric popsicle looks soo good!:)

    1. Thank you! It was sooo good! I don't normally like those kinds of drinks...but that one's awesome. xD